Danny Owen is the grandson of sharecroppers (on both sides of his family) in the fertile farm land of the Tennessee River Valley in North central Alabama. He got his first taste of sales success at the age of twelve when he earned his own three-speed “English racer” bike by selling personalized Christmas cards (from one of the companies that used to advertise in the back of comic books) door to door in the small farming community of Courtland, Alabama. He always loved reading and learning and was the valedictorian of his small high school. The first grandchild to complete a college degree, he attended Calhoun Community College and obtained an undergraduate degree in Psychology, from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

No stranger to hard work, besides picking cotton by hand when he was young, he worked construction as an iron worker helper, a driver for an industrial catering service, an installer for IBM office products, a clerk and letter carrier with the post office, and a part-time real estate investor. During the early 1980’s when real estate investing went off the rails with 18% interest rates, he decided to learn more by getting a real estate license in Florence, Alabama, a college town in the northwestern corner of Alabama. The more he learned, the more he realized that Huntsville was the place to be for an active and potentially lucrative real estate market.
Moving here in 1983 with no connections, 6 months experience as a part-time agent, and without having made a single sale, he joined a group of true professionals, and worked six and seven day weeks for several years, and steadily moved up the rankings until he was in the top 1% of sales producers in the Huntsville area.
Danny’s sales philosophy is simple: “I love people. I try to treat everybody with respect, no matter their circumstances, the way I want to be treated. I take very seriously my responsibility to look out for my client’s interests at all times. And as they say about sales, “You can’t make a career on one sale. If you do a good job for somebody, they might tell two people. If you do a poor job for somebody, they’re likely to tell 200. So far, I’ve kept the ball rolling pretty well.”
In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, Danny, his wife, Anne, and his son, Jonathan Owen, collectively known as “The Owen Team” earned national ranking as one of “The Thousand” most productive real estate teams in the U.S. by RealTrends.com, a real estate data aggregator and The Wall Street Journal. One of only two such honorees in the state of Alabama, The Owen Team won their place as one of the top 250 teams by number of transaction sides by being involved in as many as 301 transactions annually as either the listing agent, the selling agent, or both.